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Quick Guide for Wiki Contributors



To give the Wiki a better structure, we employ namespaces and categories (and tags):


Instead of just blindly relying on the logic of our structure, I've taken the liberty to create some guides. These articles address certain users or a certain task to be done. They contain little own content but many links to already existent articles:

Also some articles to further help users:

Again: Beginners lack knowledge and experience, they are not (necessarily) stupid!

ToDo List

If you want to contribute, these are the top open issues we need help with:

  1. Migrating Oldwiki pages migrating
  2. A solution for redundancy and the hardware features: We describe it in the ToH, then under "Hardware Highlights", then under "Info" in the hardware section and then again in the tag-footer. That's four times exactly the same information! What we want is to have the info only once and then point to it.
  3. Templates for articles
  4. Howto for moderators moderating.

For finding stuff if visitors use their brains instead of the search function:

Users and Permissions

More information on the moderation process: moderating.


@ADMINS: It would be nice, if redirects would only be needed to keep things working from the outside, i.e. if you move a page, and somebody had bookmarked this, a redirect could make this bookmark still work.

It would however not be good, if the internal links would rely on working redirects! In Dokuwiki redirects are provided by a Plugin.