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Table of Contents

OpenWrt Development

At any time there are always two current branches of the OpenWrt sources:

  • the trunk (as in tree trunk)
  • the current stable branch

OpenWrt Trunk

This is where all the development is taking place. The code is bleeding edge, the code name is "Attitude Adjustment".

OpenWrt stable

Now and then a stable branch is created and (almost) only bugfixes are being ported from trunk to it. See history for a realease overview and latest for the current stable version.

Please Note: As you can see on the downloads page, e.g. here once a stable release is out, no new and current binaries are being offered for download. This can lead to the wrong conclusion that the current stable branch is not being worked on, but the opposite is true: as can be seen here, the code of the current stable branch is being worked on. Remaining Bugs are being fixed and more.

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