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O OpenWrt projektu

Rychlá navigace

Nejnovější distribuce

The general method for picking the right image is to visit the Table of Hardware, then search for your device. Supported devices will have a Details Page that gives instructions for installing the most recent stable firmware for your device.

If there isn't a Details Page or a pre-built image for your device, follow the Building OpenWrt instructions to build a custom image.

Any bugs in the firmware should be reported via the ticket system. Before reporting a new bug please first search for similar bugs.

Stabil kiadások

Ha kezdő vagy az OpenWrt-ben, akkor az aktuális stabil kiadást telepítését javasoljuk. Nézz utána a routered részletes adatlapján (megtalálhatod a Hardver Táblázatban) vagy olvasd el a(z) history oldalt. Where is the download page???

Közösségi kiadások

Néhány fórum tag egyedi OpenWrt image-t készített. Bővebb információ a(z) OpenWrt Community Releases oldalon.

Korábbi kiadások

Kérjük keresd fel a(z) the version history page oldalt az előző kiadások áttekintéséhez.

Fájlok elnevezése

Kérjük, az ezzel kapcsolatos megjegyzéseket és magyarázatokat olvasd el itt: file naming

Bleeding Edge

The development branch (trunk), code named Designated Driver, contains bleeding edge source code for OpenWrt.

The development branch can contain experimental code that is under active development and should not be used for production environments. Bleeding edge OpenWrt supports additional hardware; however, it's considered unstable, and sometimes won't compile.

Bleeding edge can be built from sources:

Alternatively, pre-built snapshots are available. The so-called buildbots are automated machines that run build scripts around the clock to keep recent snapshots available for install.

Prebuilt trunk images do not come with any web interface or GUI. You will need to be comfortable using a command line and remote shell to install one yourself: LuCI Essentials

The bots build for most specific build targets (i.e. devices). For more information about the automated build process, see the buildbot page The builds are available in the snapshot directory of the OpenWrt download page:

While the build process is automated and is mostly functioning, it's highly advisable that you check the dates on the files before downloading them to prevent installing an outdated version.

If opkg is complaining that the packages list is too old, it is possible that the last few buildbot runs have failed for your platform and the packages are already a few days old.

Buildbot also reports which packages fail to build, so that developers get feedback on possible errors. So when wondering why a package is not currently available in trunk, you could also check the "broken packages" list for your platform.

E.g. for ar71xx:

Časté dotazy?

  • There is a short OpenWrt manual
  • You can also look on the forums,
  • ask on the Mailing Lists,
  • or ask via IRC on, channel #openwrt.
  • We also have a FAQ page, Here is the old faq for a obsolete version of OpenWrt.
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