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Improvement of devicepages

  • Device page template
  • Finalize transition from oldwiki
    • Bad Example: → "Please transfer the informations from the old wiki pages SMT-G3010, SMT-G3210 and SMT-G3220 into this page. Thank you."; Last edited 2013/11/20 → transition should not take forever.
    • Check old vs. new wiki page, transfer content as needed, check for correctness, check if up to date, then remove the note "Please transfer the informations…".
  • Which pages need to be updated?
    • How can we easily filter for pages that need attention?
      • tag them with e.g. needs_overhaul, missing_info, … (please make more suggestions for this tag)
      • …? (please add other proposals)
  • What information needs to be updated?
    • tagging is not updated/consistent, and does not really "work"
  • Check for syntax, grammar, spelling
  • Prioritize updating pages according user interest
    • Prerequisite: statistics / user/device/$whatever survey
  • Add pictures for each device
  • Remove html where we don't need it, e.g. colored text can be done with the <color red>...</color> tag.
  • Apply uniform formatting for bootlogs → Done, use the following, paying attention, that the nowiki tags are directly before/after the log, no spaces, no new lines. This avoids unnecessary big whitespace before/after the log. The \\ behind the WRAP are needed to get the right spacing to the following section (possible bug in the WRAP plugin?)

  <WRAP bootlog>
  <nowiki>INSERT BOOTLOG HERE</nowiki>

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