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Improvement of / via statistics


  1. Improve wiki statistics
  2. Improve wiki via wiki statistics

How can statistics help in improving the wiki?

  • Prioritize editing pages that are often visited
  • Offer views optimized for limited screen size (for certain pages, e.g. ToH)
  • Offer ways to find easier what is being searched for

What statistics would be helpful?

  • Screen-/Windowsize → Offer mobile view (=limited screen size) of certain pages, e.g. ToH.
  • Language → Pay more attention to more frequented languages? Get native speakers into the wiki improvement team.
  • How many users visit the wiki? → Pure curiousity
  • Number of active wiki editors (within last x months) → Pure curiousity
  • Number of wiki edits → Pure curiousity
  • Which pages are most frequented? → Prioritize highly frequented pages when editing / updating them
  • Which devicepages are most frequented? → Guess device popularity out of this frequency?
  • Which information is most searched for? → Offer ways to find easier what is being searched for
  • Where from do we get our traffic? Searchengines? Certain websites? → Can we do something with this information? SEO?
  • ….

OpenWrt usage survey

  • What do we want to know?

OpenWrt download statistics

  • Which OpenWrt firmware images are downloaded how many times? → Guess popularity of routers via download numbers

OpenWrt Wiki survey

  • How often do you visit the OpenWrt Wiki?
  • What do you miss in the OpenWrt Wiki?
  • How would you rate the wiki device page of the device you own?
    • scale 1…5
    • 1 = no content / bad structure / old data
    • 5 = every imaginable information is available / good structure / up to date data

OpenWrt forum survey

  • How often do you visit the OpenWrt Forum?
  • Which cathegories do you visit most?
  • Do you miss any cathegories/sub-cathegories? Would you like to have additional ones?

How can we gather statistical data?

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