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Improvement of wiki

  • Find FIXMEs and resolve the problem.
  • The top-level pages all contain warnings, provisos, and caveats about things that are under construction, or that might not work.
    This would scare away any sensible person.
  • We need to change those top-level pages (and then the rest of the site's pages) to tell the story of OpenWrt.
    • They must welcome new people.
    • They must let people know that OpenWrt is easy to use
    • and inspire confidence that most anyone can succeed.
  • The documentation could be "more social"
  • The documentation could be more modern-looking/visually attractive
  • Firmware filename should include the version (or build revision for trunk) so that users DO know what they've downloaded, even when they check a few months later → Done
    • Move pages that obviously don't belong there to the correct destination → Done — tmomas 2015/11/10 22:44
  • Clean up media directory, move pictures to correct folders, name them in a useful way → Done — tmomas 2015/11/10 22:46

Tiers of information


  • Tutorials illustrate a basic workflow from start to finish. It hand holds the reader through steps. There shouldn't be any confusion over what the reader should be doing.
  • Guides involve a deep dive of a topic. They're often cross cutting concerns (like security) which cover multiple areas and deal with conceptual topics. Less guiding but examples of usage may be appropriate.
  • References are lower level and meticulously describe APIs and data structures.
  • High quality documentation requires all of them so people in different levels of experience can get access to the knowledge they need to participate.

⇒ Structure the wiki namespaces accordingly?

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