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How to open a ticket

NOTE: This first section is for reporting issues with OpenWrt buildroot only. If you want to report issues with a particular package, keep reading further below – package-specific issues are reported in a different location, depending on their source.

To report an OpenWrt buildroot bug, go to

Please make sure to include any relevant information.

  • Hardware : router name; possibly exact revision
  • OpenWrt version (on ssh login): AA, BB, CC or trunk?
  • dmesg and/or logread output
  • What is expected vs. what actually happens
  • Steps to reproduce the error

:!: If you encounter errors in buildroot look at FAQ or build

  • provide output of ./scripts/
  • OS Variant you use to compile OpenWrt Buildroot

Error in software packaged with OpenWrt

For errors related to specific OpenWrt packages, use the Issue tracker at github:

Invalid tickets

  • The ticket system is not used to request or propose features - also called "enhancements"

The "new enhancement" ticket type is not used. Tickets that request features are closed regularly. Examples from 2013: request new packet and support new hardware.

Ask in the forum or on the mailing list. The patches sent to the mailing list are collected in Patchwork first.

  • Send patches to the mailing list

You can attach patches to the tickets but likely they won't be accepted. Please, send them to the mailing list and follow the guidelines:

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