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 +====== Drivers ======
 +Linux is a [[wp>​Monolithic kernel|monolithic]] [[wp>​Kernel (computing)]] and thus all drivers belong in the kernel. Drivers can be compiled into the kernel or loaded as Modules. ​
 +The source code of a driver can be:
 +  * completely Open Source, partially Open Source or Closed Source(Binary Blobs).
 +  * integrated into the mainline kernel yet, not any more or never)
 +The Linux Kernel and Open Source drivers are maintained and developed by many different people around the world.
 +Closed Source drivers are developed and maintained by their creators since only they have access to the source code.
 +The source code for the drivers already integrated into the mainline kernel can be found here:
 +  * -> [[http://​​]]
 +In OpenWRT, all kernel module package filenames begin with kmod-.\\
 +The modprobe command is not available in at least some firmware version of OpenWrt. ​ Use insmod instead.
 +===== Learning more =====
 +No central information center exists. Instead you can try different pages like  [[http://​​resources/​hw|FSF hw]], [[https://​​HardwareSupport|Ubuntu]],​ [[http://​​main/​index.php/​Matrix:​Main|ALSA]],​ [[https://​]],​ [[http://​​Hardwaredatenbank/​Ausgabeger%C3%A4te/​Soundkarten|ger Ubuntu Wiki]].
 +You can also contact the developers. You can often reach them on one or more **mailing lists**.