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Documentation for specific development related tasks.

Page Description
First Steps First steps on an unsupported device
Add a Platform General considerations for adding new platform support
Add a Device How to add support for a new device
Kernel stuff
Drivers Driver information
Debugging Debugging
Build environments Manage different configurations and files in a single Buildroot
Software Libraries What libraries you could use
Crosscompile Cross compile sources into binaries without packaging them
Packages Packaging software
Feeds Working with package feeds
Dependencies Using dependencies for packages
Patches Adding, modifying and refreshing patches
Bugs Reporting and tracking bugs
UCI-Lua Lua bindings for UCI
LuCI Developing LuCI addons
Config scripting Using UCI configuration files in shell scripts
Network scripting Network scripting and protocol handler API
Security Security Engineering Considerations
GNU Debugger How to use the GNU Debugger
Eclipse IDE How to use the Eclipse IDE including GNU Debugger
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