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FAQ after Installation of OpenWrt

There is no preset password in OpenWrt! You need to set one at your first login per telnet or the WebUI.

How do I login?

→ follow firstlogin

What version of OpenWrt do I have installed?

As you can see here development, there are always two branches which are being actively worked on. OpenWrt trunk, which is bleeding edge, codename 'Chaos Calmer', and the current stable release. Do

cat /etc/banner
to see the exact revision. Use that information for bug reports and questions in the forum. Also use it, to look up information yourself:

I forgot my password!

I have no WebUI

Install one, e.g. LuCI.

How do I use the CLI (command-line interpreter)?

How do I ...?

How do I recover / boot in failsafe mode?

I don't like LuCI

There are three WebUIs available. All are FOSS, thus you can adapt each of them to your specific needs and likings.

How do I install ...

→ with opkg

How do I uninstall ...

→ with opkg

How do I free up some space?

By removing packages you installed after flashing OpenWrt onto your Router. You cannot remove packages on the SquashFS partition!

Where should I send bug reports?

Please send reproducible bugs to our ticket system.

Is package ... available?

You can check yourself. The OpenWrt repositories are brows-able by web browser. E.g.

Why isn't a package for ... available?

Possible reasons:

  • it makes no sense to have this software in the repositories, because it is too bloated/not suited for embedded environments
  • nobody has thought on packaging this software for OpenWrt yet

Possible solutions:

  • create the package yourself: Creating a package
  • do nothing and wait until package becomes available

iptables does not work as intended

That be because the firewall-package comes with a configuration already. Certain user chains are created, and packets put into them. When you then later try to catch packets in the INPUT chain, there won't be any, because they are being put into user chains (maybe something like wan_input, lan_input) before that.

Anytime you can type

iptables -L 
to see how things are currently setup, but best thing is, to always know your own setup.

How to view dhcp leases from shell ?

E.g. so:

cat /tmp/dhcp.leases

How do I have it do something every YYY seconds/minutes?

Like on any Linux system, you can use crond. Please consult /etc/crontabs/root

How do I access the syslog messages?

Unless you installed some other log daemons OpenWrt uses by default busybox-klogd and busybox-syslogd for logging. Both use the same circular buffer, which can be from FIXME to FIXME in size. Default is FIXME. Access with command


Howto connect behind another router?

Howto avoid double NATing?

see above: Howto connect behind another router?

Howto install opkg packages on a USB stick?

I trashed my /etc/config/firewall file, how to reset?

 cp -f /rom/etc/config/firewall /etc/config/firewall
/etc/init.d/firewall restart

How do I turn USB power off?

On a 703n I do like this

  • ON
    root@OpenWrt:/# echo 1 >/sys/class/gpio/gpio8/value
  • OFF
    root@OpenWrt:/# echo 0 >/sys/class/gpio/gpio8/value

How do I create a cronjob to reboot?

How can I filter traffic based on FQDN?

  • netfilter
  • HTTP proxy server
  • ipset-dns
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