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Table of Contents

Known Issues

OpenWrt runs on many platforms which have limited resources. Some Issues might be bugs.

Limited RAM


 vmap allocation for size 212992 failed: use vmalloc=<size> to increase size.

Platforms affected/replicated

- Malta (qemu) (256MB RAM)
- Realview (qemu) (2GB RAM)

Steps to replicate

  1. Select all available modules in *menuconfig*.
  2. Boot … (The Kernel loads several modules. After a while several modules fail.)
  3. check with lsmod, rmmod, modprobe, cat /proc/meminfo
  4. Removing a larger module (btrfs)
  5. guessing/loading failed modules via modprobe is now successful
  6. Loading the removed module now fails with a similar error message.

MIPS16 issues

Several packages still have MIPS16 disabled.

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