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Newcomer's Guide

This Newcomer's Guide to OpenWrt is a minimal set of instructions to get OpenWrt installed on your existing or new router. The result will be a simple, secure, and functioning router that gives wireless access through your ISP.

Four Steps

This page (and those linked from this page) are designed to be clear guides for helping newcomers to install OpenWrt successfully.

The goal is to help people install a simple, secure, and functional image of OpenWrt that "just works", with a minimum of fuss. The criteria for success include:

  • Stable OpenWrt release with simple configuration:
    • WAN configured for their ISP
    • Wireless (2.4GHz and/or 5GHz) configured
    • Sane (and secure) firewall settings
  • Only use LuCI, never rely on the terminal/telnet/ssh
  • Be release agnostic
  • Include the important parts from:

If you want to help promote OpenWrt to newcomers, we need your help! Review these pages and update them so they are a clear guide.

In most cases, installing OpenWrt is a pretty straightforward process. These four pages will help you:

  1. Log into your router and set the password After you've flashed the firmware, OpenWrt is installed, but not fully functional.
  2. Configure and turn on Wifi The router's Wifi networks are turned off by default.
  3. Get Troubleshooting Info if you have questions about the OpenWrt installation process

Other sources of information about getting started

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