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 FIXME lets get some data and clean up as we go. FIXME lets get some data and clean up as we go.
 +//(It seems that this article is a little bit outdated. Please look also at [[doc/​hardware/​port.serial#​prebuilt.cables|port.serial]].)//​
 ===== Serial Cables ===== ===== Serial Cables =====
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 [[http://​​web/​20070820095200/​http://​​meshwiki/​ModifiedMobileSerCable|Mesh cube wiki page from]] [[http://​​web/​20070820095200/​http://​​meshwiki/​ModifiedMobileSerCable|Mesh cube wiki page from]]
 +==== PL2303 cables ====
 +Its a component of many cheap USB-TTL cables available on ebay. Prolific produces the PL-2303HX/​PL-2303HX.D chip in different variants at least since 2002 ( [[http://​​anleitung/​files/​PL2303.pdf|PL2303HX datasheet]] , [[http://​​UserFiles/​files/​ds_pl2303HXD_v1_4_4.pdf|PL2303HXD datasheet]] ).
 +There are different designt with unattached cables, 3 pin (no 3.3V / 5V ), 4 pin (likely 3.3V ) or more pins available.
 +Connecting 3.3V/5V is not needed and can damage the board.
 ==== name? ==== ==== name? ====
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