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 ====== Broadcom BCM53xx ====== ====== Broadcom BCM53xx ======
 +This page covers the BCM47xx and BCM53xx Wireless Router/AP SoC running **ARM** CPUs.
-  * Jul 12, 2013 [[​37268|r37268:​ bcm53xx: add initial support for ARM based BCM47XX and BCM53XX SoCs]][[toh:​netgear:​r6250|Netgear ​R6250]]+====== Limitations ====== 
 +Currently following features are not supported: 
 +  * sysupgrade on devices with system on NAND flash 
 +  * 802.11ac wireless devices (BCM4352/BCM4360 not usable at all) 
 +  * 802.11n features on older wireless devices (BCM4331BCM43217, BCM43227, etc.) 
 +  * BCM43602 chipset cards (e.g. Netgear ​R8000) due to lacking firmware release from Broadcom
 +====== See also ======
 +  * rather see [[http://​​doc/​hardware/​soc/​soc.broadcom.bcm47xx | common Broadcom BCM47xx and BCM53xx page]] which has much more info.
 ===== Tags ===== ===== Tags =====
-{{tag>​bcm53xx ARM}}+{{tag>​bcm53xx ​bcm47xx ​ARM}}
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