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 +====== Marvell Technology Group SoCs ======
 +  * [[wp>​Marvell Technology Group]]
 +  * [[http://​​wiki/​Marvell]]
 +==== Marvell designed CPUs ====
 +Marvell holds a full architecture license for the ARM instruction set, allowing it to design CPUs to implement the ARM instruction set, and not to just license a processor core designed by ARM holdings. E.g.
 +  * Marvell Feroceon has a variable-length processing pipeline that allows out-of-order instruction execution. The Feroceon made some significant changes to the standard ARM fixed pipeline, with a variable-stage pipeline that ranges from six stages to eight if the writeback stage is included.
 +    * Most ARM processors (and many other embedded processors) employ an in-order, fixed-stage pipeline design because it is simpler to construct and uses less logic. The instructions per cycle (IPC) of an in-order, fixed-stage pipeline will often be fairly low unless other features are added, such as multithreading or superscalarity.
 +    * In contrast, a variable-stage pipeline optimizes the number of clock cycles needed from issue to retire on each instruction,​ avoids wasting processor resources, and minimizes the branch penalty from dead clock cycles. With these changes to the ARM core, the Feroceon processor could also support dual-issue operation.
 +  * Marvell Sheeva 88SV131 =  Marvell designed ARMv5TE-compliant
 +  * Marvell Flareon PJ4 = Marvell designed armv7-a-compliant?​
 +  * [[http://​​show/​2860]]
 +See also [[doc/​hardware/​cryptographic.hardware.accelerators#​marvell.cesa]]
 +=== Naming confusion ===
 +There seem to be some confusion regarding the Names //"​Sheeva"//​ and //"​Feroceon"//​. One pdfs states: "The Marvell® 88F6192 SoC with SheevaTM embedded CPU technology, is a high-performance integrated controller for value class applications. It integrates the Marvell Sheeva CPU core which is fully ARMv5TE-compliant with a 256KB L2 Cache. The 88F6192 builds upon Marvell’s innovative Feroceon® family of processors.
 +Oh, also read: [[http://​​pipermail/​linux-arm-kernel/​2012-July/​109891.html]]
 +==== Marvell SoCs ====
 +  * For mainline Linux kernel support see [[https://​​cgit/​linux/​kernel/​git/​stable/​linux-stable.git/​tree/​Documentation/​arm/​Marvell/​README?​h=linux-3.9.y|Documentation/​arm/​Marvell/​README]]
 +  * Marvell MV88 F5 xxx "​Orion":​ OpenWrt target=''​orion''​
 +  * Marvell MV88 F6 xxx "​[[http://​​embedded-processors/​kirkwood/​|KIRKWOOD]]":​ OpenWrt target=''​kirkwood''​
 +  * Marvell MV88 F6 xxx "​[[http://​​embedded-processors/​armada-300/​|ARMADA 300/​310]]"​ just a rebranded kirkwood???
 +  * Marvell 88AP510 "​[[http://​​application-processors/​armada-500/​|ARMADA 510]]" (aka "​dove"​):​ ARMv7 (PJ4)+''​VFP3''​
 +  * Marvell ??? "​[[http://​​embedded-processors/​armada-370/​|ARMADA 370]]":​ ARMv7 (Cortex A9-compatible) ''​VFP3-16''​ = **not supported** by Debian ''​armhf''​ architecture port
 +  * Marvell 88F6720 "​[[http://​​embedded-processors/​armada-375/​|ARMADA 375]]":​ ARMv7 (Cortex A9-based)+''​VFP3-16''​+''​NEON''​ = **supported** Debian ''​armhf''​ architecture port
 +    * all ARMADA 3xx: 2GBit NICs
 +  * Marvell MV78 xxx "​[[http://​​embedded-processors/​armada-xp/​|ARMADA XP]]" OpenWrt target=''​mvebu''​ [[https://​​changeset/​35058/​trunk|r35058: ​ mvebu: add inital support for Marvell Armada XP/370 SoCs]]
 +    * ARMADA XP: 3-4 GBit NICs, 1-4 Marvell designed ARMv6- or ARMv7-compliant CPUs
 +=== Orion ===
 +Boards based on the Marvell MV88 F5 18x / MV88 F5 28x SoCs .
 +  * -> [[toh:​netgear:​WNR854T]]
 +  * -> [[toh:​linksys:​WRT350Nv2]]
 +=== Kirkwood ===
 +Boards based on the Marvell MV88 F6 1xx / MV88 F6 2xx SoCs.
 +  * -> [[toh:​seagate:​Dockstar]]
 +  * -> [[toh:​iomega:​iconnect]]
 +  * -> [[toh:​seagate:​goflexnet]]
 +  * -> [[toh:​d-link:​dgs-1210]]
 +  * -> [[doc:​howtobuild:​sheevaplug]]
 +  * -> [[toh:​linksys:​ea4500]]
 +  * {{tagpage>​kirkwood}}
 +==== NIC/WNIC ====
 +  * Marvell MV88Exxx "​Alaska"​ Ethernet NIC: 
 +  * Marvell "​Libertas"​ WNIC: ''​[[http://​​en/​users/​Drivers/​libertas|libertas]]''​ and especially: [[http://​​go/​Marvell_microkernel]]
 +  * [[http://​​libertas]]
 +  * The Marvell® Avastar™ 88W8764 is a highly integrated 4x4 wireless local area network (WLAN) system-on-chip (SoC); the [[toh:​globalscale:​smileplug|Marvell SmilePlug]] is based on it. Like the Libertas WNIC, it also seems to contain an ARM9-CPU with very much closed source firmware running on it. This is not so cool. On the other side, it is advertised to offer 4x4 MIMO, and has working DFS-support for 5GHz.
 +{{http://​​w/​images/​2/​22/​Actiontec_TwinTower-1A_802DRN_shield_off.jpg?​400|Marvell 4x4 MIMO}}
 +==== Switches ====
 +  * Marvell 88E6060, 88E6131, 88E6123, 88E6161, 88E6165 [[https://​​viewtopic.php?​pid=49696#​p49696|this switch has NO support for 802.1q and uses a proprietary 'vlan trailer'​.]]
 +    * [[http://​​l=linux-netdev&​m=122265586218156&​w=2]]
 +  * google for: DSA (Distributed Switch Architecture) protocol
 +    * [[http://​​​164272]]
 +===== Marvell Hardware =====
 +  * [[http://​​wiki/​Marvell]]
 +  * many other
 +===== Tags =====
 +{{tag>​marvell orion kirkwood mvebu feroceon}}