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 +====== Qualcomm Atheros ======
 +The Qualcomm Atheros SoCs comprises mostly of ''​ar5xxx''​ and ''​ar71xx''​ platforms. See their separate pages at [[doc/​hardware/​soc#​qualcomm_atheros|Qualcomm Atheros]].
 +''​ipq806x''​ is the new platform often used with 802.11ac radios ([[https://​​news/​onq/​2015/​08/​26/​google-onhub-router-powered-qualcomm|Google OnHub]])
 +====Not supported====
 +Qualcomm MSM SoC, used in some Mobile Travel Routers is not supported, because Linux support was removed in [[http://​​cgit/​linux/​kernel/​git/​torvalds/​linux.git/​commit/​arch/​arm/​mach-msm?​id=c0c89fafa289ea241ba3fb22d6f583f8089a719e|March 2015]].
 +/* This page is a copy of two other pages, linked at doc/​hardware/​soc#​qualcomm.atheros so I removed the content here. I hope lorema agrees, who makes frequent changes here. ;-)  Is there a way for the wiki editors to communicate BTW, I seem to be unable to click anyone'​s name or add discussion context anywhere. Maybe we could get a sub board at the forum? */