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MediaTek-Ralink ramips

Earlier in 2011, MediaTek merged with Ralink Technology Corporation. See their products here: A quite good source for product briefs on MediaTek/Ralink SoCs in pdf-form seems to be here:

In OpenWrt all MediaTek/Ralink SoCs are merge under the target ramips. Available subtargets are:

  • RT3x5x/RT5350
  • MT7620a
  • MT7620n
  • MT7621
  • RT3662/RT3883
  • RT288x

Note that in OpenWrt builds the targets require target-specific firmware (that is, most devices need customised firmware). The kernel is patched with the command line that has the board name in it. This is like ar71xx boards, which are board-specific too.

Target Subtarget SoC CPU Devices
ramips RT288x RT2880 4KEc
RT3x5x/RT5350 RT3050 24KEc
RT3052 24KEc
RT3352 24KEc
RT5350 24KEc
RT3662/RT3883 RT3662 74Kc
RT3883 74Kc
MT7620a MT7620a 24KEc
MT7620n MT7620n 24KEc
MT7621 (Dual-Core) MT7621 1004Kc
ramips? na? RT6856 34KEc for 802.11ac

See notes in OpenWrt dev wiki:


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