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OpenWrt Configuration

To configure OpenWrt, uci is available. Please read Unified Configuration Interface page for its usage.
If you feel insecure about the command-line interface, see if CLI helps you.
For help with installing packages, see packages or OPKG reference

Essential Configuration – Immediately after installing OpenWrt

  1. Carry out First Login
  2. Do a Backup for the day, that may never come
  3. Get Internet Connection up and working
  4. Familiarize yourself with OpenWrt Failsafe mode and OpenWrt Sysupgrade

Basic Configuration

What you could/should do after flashing OpenWrt:

  • As a precaution you should secure the access to your router
  • Configure the packet filter with UCI: firewall or without it: netfilter
  • Configure the packet scheduler with UCI: QoS or without it: packet.scheduler
  • To attach various functions to hardware push buttons (if your device has any), see hardware.button
  • If you have one or more USB ports, see USB port
  • If you have no USB ports, no problem, you can still mount remote filesystems ;-)
  • If you want to monitor the connection status to the Internet, you should access your modem
  • To understand, then enable and configure the wireless, consult wireless.overview.
  • Enable and configure your crond

Advanced Configuration

More ...

You find many more HOWTOs and Technical Reference here: Documentation. The project OpenWrt and its Wiki are maintained by volunteers. You are cordially invited to contribute.

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