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 +====== OpenWrt Configuration ======
 +| {{:​meta:​icons:​tango:​dialog-information.png?​nolink}} | To configure OpenWrt, ''​[[doc/​techref/​uci]]''​ is available. Please read [[doc:​uci|Unified Configuration Interface]] page for its usage. |
 +| {{:​meta:​icons:​tango:​utilities-terminal.png?​nolink}} | If you feel insecure about the command-line interface, see if [[doc:​howto:​user.beginner.cli|CLI]] helps you.\\ For help with installing packages, see [[doc:​packages]] or [[doc:​techref:​opkg|OPKG reference]] |
 +===== Essential Configuration – Immediately after installing OpenWrt =====
 +  - Carry out **[[doc:​howto:​firstlogin|First Login]]**
 +  - Do a **[[doc:​howto:​generic.backup|Backup]]** for the day, that may never come
 +  - Get **[[internet.connection|Internet Connection]]** up and working
 +  - Familiarize yourself with [[doc:​howto:​generic.failsafe|OpenWrt Failsafe mode]] and [[doc:​howto:​generic.sysupgrade|OpenWrt Sysupgrade]]
 +===== Basic Configuration =====
 +What you could/​should do after flashing OpenWrt:
 +  * As a precaution you should ​ **[[doc:​howto:​secure.access|secure the access]]** to your router
 +  * Configure the //packet filter// with UCI: **[[doc:​uci:​firewall]]** or without it: **[[netfilter]]**
 +  * Configure the //packet scheduler// with UCI: **[[doc:​uci:​QoS]]** or without it: **[[doc:​howto:​packet.scheduler:​packet.scheduler]]**
 +  * To attach various functions to hardware push buttons (if your device has any), see **[[hardware.button]]**
 +  * If you have one or more USB ports, see **[[usb.overview|USB port]]**
 +  * If you have //no// USB ports, no problem, you can still ''​mount''​ **[[doc:​howto:​client.overview#​file_system_clients|remote filesystems]]** ;-)
 +  * If you want to monitor the connection status to the Internet, you should access your **[[doc:​howto:​access.modem.through.nat|modem]]**
 +  * To understand, then enable and configure the wireless, consult **[[doc:​howto:​wireless.overview]]**.
 +  * Enable and configure your **[[notuci.config#​etccrontabsroot_cronjob_aka_crontab|crond]]**
 +===== Advanced Configuration =====
 +  * install packages [[doc:​packages]]
 +  * setup a [[doc:​howto:​vpn.overview|vpn]] link
 +  * install (and configure) Asterisk: [[doc:​howto:​voip.asterisk]]
 +  * connect a USB webcam or a USB TV card: [[]]
 +  * install some web server: [[doc:​howto:​http.overview]]
 +===== More ... =====
 +You find many more **HOWTOs** and **Technical Reference** here: **[[doc:​start|Documentation]]**.
 +The project OpenWrt and its Wiki are maintained by volunteers. You are cordially invited to **[[meta:​start|contribute]]**.