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 +====== Build a package ======
 +This page is about how to build a package for an existing OpenWrt distribution without rebuilding the whole world or using the SDK (because it doesn'​t work on your host system). The instructions come from the forum topic [[https://​​viewtopic.php?​id=29313]]
 +git clone https://​​openwrt/​openwrt.git
 +./​scripts/​feeds update
 +make defconfig
 +make package/​symlinks
 +If you get an error at "make defconfig"​ saying that ncurses.h wasn't found install libncurses5-dev package on your system.
 +Then copy the config.x86_generic,​ or whichever you need, from the SDK into .config
 +make menuconfig
 +make menuconfig -> check nano and libncurses
 +make tools/​install
 +make toolchain/​install
 +make target/​compile
 +./​script/​feeds install owhttpd
 +make package/​owhttpd/​prepare
 +make package/​owhttpd/​compile
 +make package/​owhttpd/​install
 +make package/​index