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OpenWrt Buildroot – Installation on Mac OS X

If you test on other version of OS X or different release, add/edit below please!

These instructions worked on OS X 10.10.3, building trunk Rev. 45337 on 9.April.2015.

  1. Install Xcode or at least Xcode command line tools from the MacOSX App Store
  2. Add duplicates repository to homebrew for grep formulae:
    brew tap homebrew/dupes
  3. Install additional formulae:
    brew install coreutils findutils gawk gnu-getopt gnu-tar grep wget
  4. gnu-getopt is keg-only, so force linking it:
    brew ln gnu-getopt --force
  5. To get rid of "date illegal option" you can add to your .bash_profile:
  6. Now proceed normally (git clone…)

These instructions worked for me on OS X 10.10, building 14.07

  1. Install prerequisites:
    pkgin install getopt coreutils gawk gtar findutils
  2. Now proceed normally (git clone…)

These instructions worked for me on OS X 10.9.5, building 14.07 branch "Barrier Breaker".

  1. Install prerequisites:
    brew install asciidoc binutils coreutils findutils gawk gettext gnu-getopt gnu-tar openssl xz
  2. BuildRoot expects 'getopt' to be GNU getopt, so symlink it into place:
    ln -s `brew --prefix gnu-getopt`/bin/getopt `brew --prefix`/bin/gnugetopt
  3. If you run into any additional steps required, please add them to this page!

Old Instructions

Here are a pile of old instructions. Perhaps they should be deleted.

Please see (and please MERGE this stuff into this page here):

  • To build your images on the Mac OS X operating system all you need is the package "fileutils" from the Fink project. (Tested on Leopard 10.5.3)

Mac OS X (tested on 64-bit Lion & Mountain Lion):

  1. Download & useMacPorts .pkg Installer, and install the following packages with the help of Mac-Ports:
  2. sudo port -v selfupdate
  3. sudo port install coreutils asciidoc bzip2 fastjar flex getopt gtk2 intltool jikes zlib openssl p5-extutils-makemaker \
    python26 rsync ruby sdcc unzip gettext libxslt bison gawk autoconf wget gmake ncurses e2fsprogs ossp-uuid gawk findutils \
    gnutar bzr
  1. Required for 64-bit OS X: After checking out the source tree via svn above, we need to edit trunk/tools/Makefile
  • On line 17, erase the instance of "e2fsprogs" but leave the rest of the line
  • Comment out line 22, line 50, line 52, line 58 with the hash symbol, by putting # at the beginning of each line. They are the lines that issue qemu to be built, followed by the build dependancies for mtd-utils (dep: e2fsprogs), qemu (dep: e2fsprogs), and e2fsprogs respectively.
  • Then copy the required headers and libraries to compile tools/mtd-utils
    cd trunk;
    mkdir -p staging_dir/host/include/e2fsprogs;
    cp -R /opt/local/include/ossp staging_dir/host/include/e2fsprogs/;
    cp /opt/local/lib/libuuid* staging_dir/host/lib 

See thread: [Build OpenWrt "trunk" from svn on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion for more details

Documentation on OpenWrt Buildroot

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