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Using the git repository is recommended.

Examples of Package Installation

  • Debian 6 (Squeeze):
    apt-get install libncurses5-dev zlib1g-dev gawk flex libssl-dev sdcc-nf


svn co backfire

trunk (main development tree)

The development branch (trunk) contains everything from documentation to experimental patches.

svn co svn://

12.09 branch "Attitude Adjustment"

svn co svn://

10.03 branch "Backfire"

svn co svn://

8.09 branch "Kamikaze"

svn co svn://

7.09 branch "Kamikaze"

svn co svn://


You could alternatively download a 'tagged' version of the backfire sources. For instance, if you insist on using the pristine release sources (no backported fixes applied after the last release), you could use:

svn co svn://

Check out a certain revisions

Main repository

svn co --revision=24045 svn:// ./build_dir

Package feeds

Create a copy of the file ./build-directory/feeds.conf.default named ./build-directory/feeds.conf, edit feeds.conf and add "@24045" at the end of the line that checks out the package feed:

src-svn packages svn://

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