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Using DDNS Client with Hurricane Electric's Free DNS Service

This document describes the steps to configure the DDNS Client via LuCI to use Hurricane Electric's Free DNS Service. In this example I will show the steps to configure domain to update with your router's public IP address.


Domain Setup

Login to your registrar or edit your DNS Zone file to add the NS records for to point to,,, and

DNS Host Setup

  1. Login to and "Add a new domain" for
  2. Edit the zone entry and add click "New A" and enter the Name of "@" and check the "Enable entry for dynamic dns" checkbox.
  3. For the newly created A record, find the DDNS column and click the "Generate a DDNS key" circle arrow icon.
  4. Generate a new password and copy that text for later before you save the form.

LuCI Setup

On your OpenWrt router under Services > Dynamic DNS enable the service with this configuration:

Save and Apply.

That should do it. If the above is useful and you use Hover to register a domain you can toss the author a buck credit with this referral link:

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