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IPv6 and Internet Service Providers


The "fixed prefix" mean that the ISP provides each client with at least a /64 prefix, preferably a /56 or /48 (this is the equivalent of "fixed IP" for IPv4).
Most professional ISPs do this; those currently known to do this are:

  1. Nerim (France)
  2. FDN (France)
  3. Free (France)
  4. OVH (France)
  5. Internode (Australia)
  6. TekSavvy (Canada)
  7. Tiera (Russia)
  8. XS4ALL (the Netherlands)
  9. OTE (Greece)
  10. Forthnet (Greece)
  11. [..] :!: Please complete with ipv6 help pages from IPv6-friendly ISP

non static

  1. RCS-RDS (Romania) - offering both a /128 address and optionally a /64 PD via DHCPv6 (sla_len 0 in dhcp6c)
  2. Comcast (USA) - DHCPv6: /128 for the immediate device (router) and a /64 prefix delegation. Requires wide-dhcpv6-client configured with "option 'na' '1'" in /etc/config/dhcp6c i.e. set Non-Temporary Address. Without changing the "na" option you will not get an address assigned to your WAN interface.
  3. Time Warner Cable (USA) - Offers /64 prefix delegation with "option 'sla_len' '0'" and a /128 address for CPE with "option 'na' '1' when configured with wide-dhcpv6-client.
  4. Telecom Italia (Italy) give a /64 dinamic subnet
  5. Telekom Deutschland/DTAG with "IP-Anschluss" - a single /64 prefix for wan (proto dhcpv6) and a /56 for lan via 6relayd (ootb at least since r37493 barrier braker (trunk)) (to poll a RA use 'rdisc6 pppoe-wan'); see

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