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 ==== Packages installation ==== ==== Packages installation ====
-For comfort of router administration ​to be install ​web interface [[doc:​howto:​luci.essentials|LuCI]].+If you are installing a [[http://​​snapshots/​trunk/​|trunk version]], it's recommended ​to install ​also the web user interface [[doc:​howto:​luci.essentials|LuCI]] ​for ease of operations. 
 +[[http://​​attitude_adjustment/​12.09/​|Current version]] should have the web user interface already installed and enabled by default.
-Next to be install a package ​**luci-app-miltiwan** that dependency installs ​required [[doc:​uci:​multiwan]].+Next to be installed is the **luci-app-miltiwan** ​package ​that in turn will pull also the dependencies like the required [[doc:​uci:​multiwan]].
 ==== Set up ==== ==== Set up ====
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