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 restrict ::1 restrict ::1
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +Depending on your configuration ntpd won't start properly when 
 +restrict ::1 
 +is not set. When ntpd is started and it tries to connect to a server for which only a hostname is known, e.g.,​ and for some reason DNS service is not available yet (e.g. you are on a dial-up connection and it takes some time to set everything up), then without the above snippet you'll find two processes of ntpd running (one as user '​root',​ the other as user '​ntp'​) and you will have errors like this in the log: 
 +ntp_intres.request:​ permission denied 
 +The explanation I found at https://​​cgi-bin/​bugreport.cgi?​bug=571469. The default configuration above sets "​nomodify"​. That configuration on localhost "will prevent the resolver process from adding the peers."​ [...] "The nomodify will only be a problem in case the resolver process needs to be started, which it does when it can't resolve the hostsnames when ntpd starts. ​ So this is mostly when the network isn't up yet." (explanation by Kurt, from Debian bug report mentioned above) (sic)
 ===== rdate server ===== ===== rdate server =====
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