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 +====== Obtaining Firmware ======
 +There are 5 ways to obtain an OpenWrt firmware image file:
 +  - **[[|Download]]** a pre-assembled (prebuilt) image file from the downloads section. **Recommended**
 +  - Use the **[[obtain.firmware.generate|Image Generator]]** to generate an OpenWrt firmware image file yourself. (Generate in terms of compose, arrange, assort, lump together)
 +  - Use the **[[obtain.firmware.sdk|SDK]]** to cross-compile packages. This process involves:
 +    * downloading the SDK-zip-file.
 +    * using this SDK to crosscompile OpenWrt packages.
 +    * generating an OpenWrt firmware image file(s).
 +  - Use the **//​[[about:​toolchain|OpenWrt Buildroot]]//​** to do everything from scratch. This process involves: ​
 +    * retrieving the source code via ''​svn''/''​git''​.
 +    * compiling the toolchain (SDK).
 +    * using the just compiled toolchain to crosscompile OpenWrt packages.
 +    * using the Image Generator to generate OpenWrt firmware image file(s).
 +  - Use premade [[obtain.firmware.docker|Docker image]] to generate an OpenWrt image for yourself, needs [[https://​​|Docker]],​ but all other dependencies are inside a Docker image.