PirateBox & LibraryBox

PirateBox & LibraryBox are special configured OpenWRT Routers. The primary target is to share data, located on USB Stick, with people at the location of the device. PirateBox is the origin of those projects and offers, beside the access on the USB Stick, an upload possibility and a shoutbox.

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For installing PirateBox you need a device with at least one USB port. The whole list of known devices is PirateBox.cc including an information about automatic installation-images.

HowTo PirateBox

The following HowTo is for people, who have basic knowledge of OpenWRT configuration. If you need a detailed HowTo, please follow the instructions on piratebox.cc.

Warning: This will change the routers configuration (i.e. SSID, disable uhttpd and probably other stuff).

If you encounter any problems, please report to PirateBox Forum.

Suitable Hardware

Any openwrt-supported device will do, in case you want something battery driven, cf.:

Ready to go openwrt images

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