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-Port forwarding ​for home users is needed if they have some server or service running on their PC that others on the internet need to access (gaming server ​for example).+Port forwarding ​can be used to open holes in the firewall, and forward external traffic ​to an internal host or service, commonly used for gaming applications,​ running a web service, or remote administration.
-File you need to edit is [[doc:​uci:​firewall|/​etc/​config/​firewall]] and for reference also check out [[doc:​uci:​firewall:#​forwarding.ports.destination.natdnat|/​etc/​config/​firewall#​forwarding.ports.destination.natdnat]]+The firewall configuration ​is located at [[doc:​uci:​firewall|/​etc/​config/​firewall]] and for reference, you can also review ​[[doc:​uci:​firewall:#​forwarding.ports.destination.natdnat|/​etc/​config/​firewall#​forwarding.ports.destination.natdnat]]
-What most of people want is just to forward some specific port from router ​to some other machine, and that is done simply adding new redirect rules to your [[doc:​uci:​firewall|/​etc/​config/​firewall]] or [[doc:​uci:​firewall|/​etc/​firewall.user]] ​files.+A redirect rule is the simple way of forwarding traffic ​from an external port to an internal host. You can edit [[doc:​uci:​firewall|/​etc/​config/​firewall]] or create your own user file [[doc:​uci:​firewall|/​etc/​firewall.user]] 
 +In this example, we're taking traffic from the WAN interface, on port '​2222',​ and directing it to the host '​'​ on the LAN interface.
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Or if you wan'​t ​to hide on which port is your service running for security reasons you can redirect ​port 5555 to port 22 on your linux server running ssh+You can also supply different ports to be forwarded. For example, external traffic ​on port '5555' will be directed ​to the host '​'​ on port '22'.
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         option '​dest'​ '​lan'​         option '​dest'​ '​lan'​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
- +To apply the changes ​to the firewallyou'll need to run ''/​etc/​init.d/​firewall restart''​.
-To make the changes ​active, run ''/​etc/​init.d/​firewall restart''​.+
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