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 +====== Set Up a Server ======
 +[[client.overview|Set up a client]]
 +===== File System Servers =====
 +  * [[nfs.server|NFS server]] - Remote access to local filesystem using [[wp>​Network File System (protocol)|Network File System (NFS)]].
 +  * [[cifs.server|SAMBA server]] - Remote access to local filesystem with [[wp>​Common Internet File System|Common Internet File System (CIFS)]].
 +  * [[sshfs.server|SSH server]] - Remote access to local filesystem via [[wp>​Secure SHell File System|Secure SHell FileSystem (SSHFS)]].
 +  * [[remotefs.server|RFS server]] - Remote access to local filesystem using Remote File System (RFS).
 +For help with subsequently mounting these filesystems on your PC, please see e.g. [[http://​​mount]],​ [[http://​​Samba_Client_cifs]] or [[http://​​gvfs-mount]].
 +===== Other types of Servers =====
 +  * [[doc:​howto:​printer.overview|Print server]] - Diverse methods to offer access to a connected printer.
 +  * [[doc:​howto:​tftp.overview|TFTP server]] - Set up a [[wp>​Trivial File Transfer Protocol|Trivial File Transfer Protocol]] server.
 +  * [[doc:​howto:​ftp.overview|FTP server]] - Run all sorts of [[wp>​File Transfer Protocol|File Transfer Protocol]] servers.
 +  * [[doc:​howto:​http.overview|Web server]] - Configure a variety of different Web servers.
 +  * [[doc:​howto:​snmp.server|SNMP server]] - Provide an [[wp>​Simple Network Management Protocol|SNMP]] server
 +  * [[pulseaudio|PulseAudio server]] - An audio server setup [[wp>​PulseAudio|PulseAudio]].
 +  * [[doc:​howto:​proxy.overview|Proxy server]] - Set up a [[wp>​Proxy server]].
 +  * [[doc:​howto:​log.overview|Logging server]] - For server or client.
 +  * [[umurmur|Voice Chat server]] - Primarily for gamers.
 +  * [[doc:​howto:​dc.overview|P2P server]] - Diverse Direct Connect ​ or Advanced Direct Connect options for Peer to Peer servers.
 +  * [[doc:​howto:​dns.overview|DNS server]] Set up a [[wp>​Domain Name System|DNS]] server
 +  * [[doc:​howto:​ddns.server|DDNS server]] - Set up your very own [[wp>​Dynamic DNS|Dynamic DNS]] server
 +  * [[doc:​howto:​ntp.server|Time server]] - Synchronize time using [[wp>​Network Time Protocol|Network Time Protocol]].
 +  * [[doc:​howto:​xmpp.server|XMPP server]] - Provide full instant messaging service within your network.