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   sshfs [user@]host:​[dir] mountpoint   sshfs [user@]host:​[dir] mountpoint
 +If you did not install the package to the standard destination (e.g. using opkg -d ram), you need to specify the sftp executable in your sshfs command:
 +  sshfs [user@]host:​[dir] mountpoint -o sftp_server=/​tmp/​usr/​libexec/​sftp-server
 +The more convenient way would be to link the binary to the default destination,​ so execute on your OpenWrt:
 +  mkdir -p /​usr/​libexec
 +  ln -s /​tmp/​usr/​libexec/​sftp-server /​usr/​libexec/​sftp-server
 ===== Links ===== ===== Links =====
   * [[http://​​wiki/​Secure_Shell_Filesystem]]   * [[http://​​wiki/​Secure_Shell_Filesystem]]
   * [[http://​​sshfs.html]]   * [[http://​​sshfs.html]]
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