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TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) is a minimal file transfer protocol meant for use in embeded applications like PXE boot roms.

For a PXE-Server howto to use OpenWRT as TFTP / PXE-Boot server see tftp.pxe-server

Many bootloaders use TFTP to get firmware images from the network. see generic.flashing.tftp

TFTP-Services on OpenWRT

Name Description
atftpd Advanced TFTP Server
dnsmasq Dnsmasq includes a built in read-only tftp server for the purposes of supporting PXE network boot.
iputils-tftpd iputils version of tftpd. (As of r32651 this package is missing support files and only contains the deamon.)
tftpd-hpa An enhanced version of the BSD TFTP server.
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