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Webcam with the Linux UVC driver


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Name Depends Size Description
mjpg-streamer libpthread, libjpeg 33738 Streaming application for Linux-UVC compatible webcams

The package motion is not now available in the OpenWrt repositories.


opkg install kmod-video-uvc mjpg-streamer



Don't forget change option enabled '0' to '1'.


  • start on boot
    /etc/init.d/mjpg-streamer enable
  • start mjpg-streamer right now
    /etc/init.d/mjpg-streamer start

NOTE: You will need to edit the mjpeg config to enable the mjpeg streamer. Manually edit the /etc/config/mjpeg-streamer file.

Now open the URL in the Firefox browser or VLC and watch the MJPEG stream (the default username/password is "openwrt"/"openwrt"). In other browsers, scripts, etc., you can use for taking one image or for stream of images.


mjpeg-streamer fps, CPU load, memory usage, bandwidth at different resolutions:

Embedding video stream into simple webpages

  • Download a package located here and unpack it into /www/webcam_www directory.
  • Edit /etc/init.d/mjpg-streamer - find this line in function start():

[ $enabled -gt 0 -a -c $device ] && sleep 3 && $SSD -S -m -p $PIDF -q -x $PROG -- --input " --device $device --fps $fps --resolution $resolution" --output " --port $port" &
and add -w /www/webcam_www behind –output " Now it should look like this:
[ $enabled -gt 0 -a -c $device ] && sleep 3 && $SSD -S -m -p $PIDF -q -x $PROG -- --input " --device $device --fps $fps --resolution $resolution" --output " -w /www/webcam_www --port $port" &

Webcam Pan and Tilt Example with Microprocessor

Here is a writeup of using openWrt for a pan and tilt camera. The devices were NSLU2 for openWrt and Picaxe for microcontroller, but the idea is the same with arduino as micro and other openWrt devices:

Grey day today here in Nova Scotia, you can see at


If the control page doesn't contain any of the controls, edit the file /etc/init.d/mjpg-streamer and replace these lines

service_start /usr/bin/mjpg_streamer --input " \
                --device $device --fps $fps --resolution $resolution" \           
                --output " --www $www --port $port"

by (on a single line )

service_start /usr/bin/mjpg_streamer --input " --device $device --fps $fps --resolution $resolution" --output " --www $www --port $port"

The command mjpg_streamer -h give you usage information and examples.

If your webcam is an uvc supported by V4L but you cannot get an image (white page), you may check that webcam output is not YUV only like output below:

root@OpenWrt:~# v4l2-ctl -V
Format Video Capture:
        Width/Height  : 320/240
        Pixel Format  : 'YUYV'
        Field         : None
        Bytes per Line: 640
        Size Image    : 153600
        Colorspace    : SRGB

The package uvc-streamer is no longer in the OpenWrt repositories.


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