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Wireless Performance

Benchmarks can be done with iperf.

TODO: other tools (some parts of FAQ should be imported here

Wireless Link Advertised Rate Real World Speed Environment Description
802.11g 54Mbps ?? ??
802.11ng ?? ??
802.11n 20MHz 144Mbps ??
802.11n 40MHz 300Mbps ??
802.11ac 80MHz ?? ??
802.11ac 160MHz ?? ??

MBps … Mega Bit per second

The current Bitrate rate can be queried with iwinfo from commandline. Its visible in the status webinterface.

Some tuning parameters

- GI "Guard Interval" setting - 40MHz

other ressources

- see IEEE_802.11n-2009 - SmallNetBuilder benchmarks wireless throughput

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