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wviewmgmt HowTo

wviewmgmt is a web based administration interface for and by wview that does not come in the openwrt wview package, most likely to save space because it also requires php installation.
This guide works alongside this one on wview setup in openwrt.

* Note: there are some settings i noticed not available in the WebUI that you must set via CLI config, so run it once.

wviewmgmt Installation

Firstly you need the source files for the version of wview you have, try here: package_sources
Then you need to extract the wviewmgmt folder inside and upload it to your /www folder if you have space, or symlink it to your usb.
Finally you need to rename file to functions.php and add the code to the top of it:


function GetConfigPrefix(){
	return "/etc";
function GetDataPrefix(){
	return "/var";
function GetBinaryPrefix(){
	return "/usr";

PHP Installation

Now you need to get php installed and working to view it, so install these packages:

php5 php5-cgi php5-mod-pdo php5-mod-pdo-sqlite zoneinfo-core
Then add this line as the last 'list' directive to /etc/config/uhttpd to enable php in the default web server (uhttpd):
list interpreter ".php=/usr/bin/php-cgi"
Then set your php timezone in /etc/php.ini
date.timezone = Australia/NSW

Accessing wviewmgmt

Now you should be able to load router_ip/wviewmgmt/system_status.php, the default password is wview.
You also want to have your time/date/zone setup correctly in openwrt.


if you have trouble with the password (mine was corrupt) you can disable the password check in the password_protect.php file change:

    if ($dbpasswd != $md5pass)
    if (0)

then you can login, use the web panel to change the password, then if wanted undo the change in password_protect.php to make it check again.

You can contact me, the author here:!topic/wview/oUzLMf5um6E

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