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There are 3 'extra' packages for zabbix that add userparameters and detections rules for zabbix-agentd:

  • zabbix-extra-network: a detection rule with the ifname (eth0.1) and the network name (wan)
  • zabbix-extra-wifi: an universal detection rule for wifi (using libuci-lua) and many userparameters (using libiwinfo-lua)
  • zabbix-extra-mac80211: a phy (phy0) detection rule and userparameters for mac80211 devices

Here follow Zabbix templates for Openwrt

"Template Openwrt Mac80211" (for zabbix-extra-mac80211):

"Template Openwrt Network" (for zabbix-extra-network):

"Template Openwrt Wifi" (for zabbix-extra-wifi):

"All in one":

Relevant commit:

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