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 ======ZABBIX====== ======ZABBIX======
 +There are 3 '​extra'​ packages for zabbix that add userparameters and detections rules for zabbix-agentd:​
 +  * zabbix-extra-network:​ a detection rule with the ifname (eth0.1) and the network name (wan)
 +  * zabbix-extra-wifi:​ an universal detection rule for wifi (using libuci-lua) and many userparameters (using libiwinfo-lua)
 +  * zabbix-extra-mac80211:​ a phy (phy0) detection rule and userparameters for mac80211 devices
 Here follow Zabbix templates for Openwrt Here follow Zabbix templates for Openwrt
-"​Template Openwrt Mac80211":​+"​Template Openwrt Mac80211" ​(for zabbix-extra-mac80211):
 http://​​3iWQq2kc http://​​3iWQq2kc
-"​Template Openwrt Network":​+"​Template Openwrt Network" ​(for zabbix-extra-network):
 http://​​5Jcg7w9j http://​​5Jcg7w9j
-"​Template Openwrt Wifi":+"​Template Openwrt Wifi" ​(for zabbix-extra-wifi):
 http://​​uWtWT6C8 http://​​uWtWT6C8
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 http://​​nQdZM89w http://​​nQdZM89w
-To use these templates you will need this patch (v4) which contain network, wifi and mac80211 discovery/​userparams +Relevant commit:​changeset/36740
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