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 ====== DIR-632-A1 interim build instructions ​ ====== ====== DIR-632-A1 interim build instructions ​ ======
-Forum page: [[toh/​d-link/​dir-632]] +[[toh/​d-link/​dir-632|Table of Hardware page]]
- +
 ===== Preparation ===== ===== Preparation =====
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 <code bash> <code bash>
 cd cd
 mkdir -p work/​openwrt mkdir -p work/​openwrt
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 Download patch from https://​​andymc73/​openwrt-dir632/​master/​patch-dir632.patch Download patch from https://​​andymc73/​openwrt-dir632/​master/​patch-dir632.patch
 +For brunch Barrier Breaker 14.07 use patch https://​​AndewSSS/​DIR632/​blob/​master/​patch-dir632_modify.patch
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 cd ~/work cd ~/work
 wget https://​​andymc73/​openwrt-dir632/​master/​patch-dir632.patch wget https://​​andymc73/​openwrt-dir632/​master/​patch-dir632.patch
 +wget https://​​AndewSSS/​DIR632/​master/​patch-dir632_modify.patch
 cd trunk cd trunk
 patch -p1 < ../​patch-dir632.patch patch -p1 < ../​patch-dir632.patch
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