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How to Build a Single Package

Useful e.g. if you want to upgrade a package without reflashing the router, etc.

Follow Building OpenWrt up to the point when you make menuconfig. In here, select the target platform, then tick the package you want to build, and also its dependencies. If the package isn't ticked, the below commands will succeed without actually building the package. If you don't know the dependencies, you can ask the router. Let's assume we want to build nano: run opkg info nano:

Package: nano
Version: 2.2.5-1
Depends: libncurses
Status: install user installed
Architecture: ar71xx
Installed-Time: 1300757537

The Depends: line is what we're interested into. The same information can also be found in the Packages file from

Now issue the following commands:

make tools/install
make toolchain/install

The next step is building the dependencies. Back to our nano example:

make package/ncurses/compile
make package/ncurses/install

And finally, you get to build the package:

make package/nano/compile
make package/nano/install
make package/index

Done! You will find your coveted package in the bin/ directory.

If you get errors about not finding opkg in the staging directory, compile and install package/base-files.
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