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 +====== Adam2 ======
 +[[http://​​articles/​adam2.html|Adam2]] was written by Texas Instruments and is/was used only with their AR7-SoC. Some sources seem to be available but **there is no FOSS license**! With the available sources you may be able to do stuff, but actually you have no permission to do it!
 +ADAM2 has two successors: EVA, done by AVM when they switched from Kernel 2.4 to Kernel 2.6 and PSPboot. The official successor is [[doc:​techref:​bootloader:​PSPboot]].
 +  * [[http://​​fritzbox/​index.php/​ADAM2]]
 +  * [[http://​​topic/​Adam2]]
 +  * [[http://​​ADAM2]]
 +  * [[doc:​howto:​generic.flashing.ftp|Installing OpenWrt over FTP (generic)]]
 +  * [[toh/​d-link/​dsl-5xxt-6xxt-adam2|D-Link DSL-5xxT and DSL-G6xxT - ADAM2 Installation Guide]]
 +===== Loading an executable to RAM =====
 +[[wp>​Adam2]] supports loading an executable into RAM and executing it. In order to do so:
 +  * convert your executable to the SREC format
 +  * use srec2bin to convert the SREC file into the ADAM2 binary format
 +You can then upload your binary using the following procedure:
 +ftp> open
 +Connected to
 +220 ADAM2 FTP Server ready.
 +Name (​florian):​ adam2
 +331 Password required for adam2.
 +230 User adam2 successfully logged in.
 +Remote system type is UNIX.
 +ftp> bi
 +200 Type set to I.
 +ftp> quote "MEDIA SDRAM"
 +200 Media set to SDRAM.
 +ftp> put vmlinux.bin
 +local: vmlinux.bin remote: vmlinux.bin
 +200 Port command successful.
 +150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for file transfer.
 +226 Transfer complete.
 +7838718 bytes sent in 6.70 secs (1142.2 kB/s)
 +ftp> close
 +==== Tags ====
 +{{tag>​ar7 }}