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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +===DISCLAIMER! ===
 + The following data is a proposal that hasn't be tested yet.
 +Analysing the code of [[http://​​images/​Image/​OpenSourceCode/​Wireless/​Router/​AR-7284WnA/​AR-7284WnA&​|Edimax]] sources, this is the booting sequence of a Conexant 94610:
 +  - Reading of flash 0x38000000 word 0: Amount of words (b) that will be copied to cache 0x50000000
 +  - Automatic copy from flash (0x3800000 + 1) -> (0x38000000 + b) to cache
 +  - Executing cache at 0x50000000
 +The NPboot is a piece of code compiled at cache address 0x50000000 that makes the first set-up, including SDRAM access. Because it must fit the cache, its size is very small, below 4kb.
 +After it, the same code has to jump back to the flash at (0x38000000 + b +1) and then continue booting sequence. This latter would be the place for u-boot as an example.
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