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Wifitoggle Installation

The /etc/config/wifitoggle configuration is provided by the wifitoggle package.

Step for step

  • Install wifitoggle with the webinterface or shell
  • Login to your router with the terminal using ssh root@
    • or more secure with ssh root@ -p xxxx
  • Edit the configuration file with vi /etc/config/wifitoggle
    • Press 'i' for insert. If you're done, save with 'Esc' and :wq!

Wifi disable after boot

If you like to have wifi disabled after power on, put following into Startup (Luci System - Startup): uci set wireless.@wifi-device[0].disabled=1 && wifi


This is the default configuration for this section:

config 'wifitoggle' option 'button' 'wps' option 'persistent' '0' option 'timer' '600' option 'led_sysfs' 'wrt160nl:amber:wps' option 'led_enable_trigger' 'timer' option 'led_enable_delayon' '500' option 'led_enable_delayoff' '500' option 'led_disable_default' '0'

The wifitoggle section contains these settings:

Name Type Required Default Description
button String ? wps Button to use: wps = wifi protected service, ses = cisco services, reset = TP-Link. Here's a way to identify the internal name of your button.
persistent Boolean ? 0 Commit changes to wireless config file, persistent after reset. Always 0 if Timer enabled
timer Integer ? 600 Seconds for wifi to be turned off, 0 for no timer
led_sysfs String ? wrt160nl:amber:wps Led to use, see "/sys/class/leds" or in webinterface "System - LED Configuration" for possible values
led_enable_trigger String ? timer See /sys/class/leds/${led_sysfs}/trigger for possible values
led_enable_delayon Integer ? 500 Milliseconds to turn led on after button pressed
led_enable_delayoff Integer ? 500 Milliseconds to turn led off after button pressed
led_disable_default Boolean ? 0 Led state for wifi disabled, 1 to turn it off if wifi is off
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