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OpenWrt Installation Overview

Getting help

Installing OpenWrt on your router can be a little overwhelming at first. If you feel stuck at any time, there are resources available to help you. We recommend using the resources in this order:

Your router's wiki pages

Almost every router OpenWrt supports has its own wiki page. You'll learn how to find yours on the next page. If you have questions, that's the best place to look first. Some routers also have solutions to common topics that come up with the router or advanced configuration scenarios.

Search the wiki

Beyond your router's page, the wiki contains general OpenWrt documentation. The wiki isn't always the most organized but it is filled with a lot of key information. Also, use the wiki search to find information more easily from across the wiki.

Search the forum

The OpenWrt forums are the key place for OpenWrt user discussion. It's quite likely that if you have a problem, someone else has probably had it and they might have talked about it here. Searching the forum is a great way to find answers. We recommend using your favorite search engine to search the forum.

Ask for help on the forum

Sometimes information on the wiki and forums are not enough and you could use the help of a real person. Fortunately, the OpenWrt forum is filled with folks who want to help you use OpenWrt and get involved. If you found a topic on the forum which addresses your issue but a solution that doesn't work for you, feel free to reply to that issue. Otherwise, post a new topic on the forum describing your question or problem.

Regardless of whether you're replying or starting your new topic, there are a few recommendations for getting your question answered.

First, remember that forum participants are volunteers. They're folks like yourself who care about OpenWrt and helping others use it. Please be considerate of their time and appreciative of the help they're providing.

Second, be clear and straightforward in your description. Make sure to include the following:

  • Exact company and model of your router
  • URL of the firmware file you downloaded (or the URL of the page where you found the firmware file)
  • Description of the problem in detail
  • What you expected to happen when the problem occurred
  • What actually occurred
  • TODO

Next we're going to download a copy of OpenWrt and install it on the router.

Next step: Downloading and Flashing OpenWrt ->

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