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T-Com Speedport W501V


Wifi: no support for the TNETW1350A, it's a chip with features somewhere between the supported TNETW1150 and the TNETW1450 though. ADSL: working, Ethernet: working (buggy at high load), LEDs: untested, Serial Port: working.

Hardware Info

Uses TI AR7 chipset, onboard wireless lan, a built-in ADSL Modem. The Speedport W501V also features two telephone sockets for VoIP use.

CPU: TNETD7200ZDW (AR7) @211 Mhz, Flash: 4 MiB, Ram: 16 MiB, WLan Chip: TNETW1350A.

It also has a single 3.3v serial port, the original T-Com firmware allows you shell access with no password to the device though the serial port.

The hardware and the original firmware come from AVM.


The bootloader is ADAM2 which provides a console on the serial port and allows flashing via FTP. The W501V's bootloader's default IP address is, you should be able to ping it on that address a second or two after the device is rebooted. If not reset the device back to it's defaults using the reset button on the back (see tcom's site for info on how to do this).


Serial Port

Serial port settings: 38400 8N1

Original Firmware Info

Backing up original firmware

Restoring Original Firmware

Boot log from old firmware

Firmware images and configs


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