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The ZyXEL P-334WT is a Firewall router with 4-port Switch with built-in 802.11g Access Point.


CPU Infineon/ADMtek ADM5120 (BGA)
Bootloader Bootbase
Flash 4MB 1xMacronix MX29LV320BTC-90
RAM 16MB 1xHynix HY57V283220T-7
WLAN Texas Instruments TNETW1130GVF (mini-PCI)
USB no
Serial yes
JTAG yes

Upgrade firmware feature

Upgrading from ZyNOS

  1. Compile or get firmware image "openwrt-adm5120-p-334wt-squashfs-webui.bin"
  • (remember to pick "big endian" when doing make menuconfig to get access to the Zyxel p-334wt choice in Target Profile - more information in OpenWrtDocs/BuildingKamikazeHowTo)
  1. in WebUI select upload firmware.

Upgrading from openWRT

  1. Use scp to copy adm5120xxxx.trx to router /tmp(located in RAM)
  2. Use mtd -r write /tmp/adm5120xxxx.trx trx (where trx is device labelof mtd)


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