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-Fuzhou Truly Import&Export Trading Co., Ltd, established since 2007, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of various of knitted and woven collection for baby and children. With the advantage of design ability, mass production ability and strict quality control, our products export to over 20 countries and regions including Europe, America, South America, and Middle East areas, etc. 
-Our greatest advantage is efficient design just for your market. Each season, we have new design about 500 styles for your choice. We can also design for your according the information on your side, and finish in 2 weeks. Over the last 3 years, over 30 customers from different countries have benefited from our high quality design service. 
-Our factory located in the center of China fashion industry zone, so we can quickly response from the market change. In this case, we can give our customers high-valuable advices on fabric and accessories to meet different purchasing targets. 
-We have own brand product series (“TauraBabe”) and small lot wholesale is accepted, which also be welcome by a lot of retail and web-sale owners. 
-Know more about us,please visit:http://www.fztruly.com/ 
-Fzturly  Export baby clothes and children clothes of Taurababe from Fuzhou Truly 
-Fuzhou Truly is a apparel OEM and it own factory for baby and children clothes with good qulity and favorite price.We can also meet you our respetcetable customers requirement by OEM,ODM customization and contract manufacturing services. 
-Tauramall  Tauramall — Online store of baby & children clothes, maternity supplies,pet products and more  
-Tauramall is a professional online store for children clothes,baby clothes,maternity supplies,baby care,toys & gift,pet products at reasonable prices and quick shipping.  
-Fzturly CN  Chinese Fzturly 

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