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USB Benchmarks

These benchmarks provide a rough estimate of how USB devices perform on various hardware and software configurations.

I see two possible bottlenecks when bechmarking read/write operations on a storage device: the CPU and the device itself.
* If you expected notable differences between the CPUs, you would conduct a series of benchmark with the same storage device but different CPUs. You would also make sure that the storage device used in this benchmark is NOT a bottle neck.
* If you expected notable differences between the storage devices, you would conduct a series of benchmarks with the same CPU, but different storage devices. Again, you would make sure, that the CPU is not the bottle neck!
* there is of course a third possible bottle neck: the USB controller (MAC+PHY) on the SoC and/or possibly the USB-to-SATA converter, in case you use a SATA hard disk. ;-)

I do not know, about notable differences in CPU, but there definitely are very slow flash storage devices purchasable out there with maximum read/write "speeds" of < 2MB/s and less!!!


1) Presents as "Kingston Technology Company Inc. DataTraveler 2.0 1GB/4GB Flash Drive / Patriot Xporter 4GB Flash Drive" in lsusb
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