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But please see the [[http://www.open-mesh.org/projects/open-mesh/wiki|Documentation on the Project Homepage]]. But please see the [[http://www.open-mesh.org/projects/open-mesh/wiki|Documentation on the Project Homepage]].
 +OpenWrt currently uses BATMAN 2012.3 but read about [[http://www.open-mesh.org/projects/batman-adv/wiki/Batman-adv-openwrt-config|difference in syntax]] between BATMAN 2012.x and BATMAN 2013.x
<code> <code>
Package: kmod-batman-adv Package: kmod-batman-adv
-Version: +Version: 3.3.8+2012.3.0-3 
-Depends: kernel (=, kmod-crc16 +Depends: kernel (= 3.3.8-1-d6597ebf6203328d3519ea3c3371a493), kmod-lib-crc16, libc 
-Size: 74121 +Size: 81534 
-Description: B.A.T.M.A.N. advanced is a kernel module which allows to build layer 2 mesh networks. This package contains the +Description: B.A.T.M.A.N. advanced is a kernel module which allows to build layer 2 mesh networks.  
- version 2011.3.0 of the kernel module plus its user space configuration & managerment tool batctl.+This package contains the version 2012.3.0 of the kernel module plus its user space configuration &  
 +managerment tool batctl.
</code> </code>
<code> <code>
Package: batmand Package: batmand
-Version: r1439-1+Version: r1439-2
Depends: libpthread, kmod-tun Depends: libpthread, kmod-tun
-Size: 37577+Size: 37645
Description: B.A.T.M.A.N. layer 3 routing daemon Description: B.A.T.M.A.N. layer 3 routing daemon
</code> </code>
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  * [[http://www.open-mesh.org/wiki/open-mesh/BranchesExplained]]   * [[http://www.open-mesh.org/wiki/open-mesh/BranchesExplained]]
 +==== Installing and configuration of B.A.T.M.A.N advanced ====
-==== Compiling batman-adv and Openwrt ==== +=== Installing ===
-=== Get the source code === +
--> [[doc:howto:build]] +
- +
-The first step is to download the required OpenWrt and batman source code. For this guide I am using OpenWrt backfire 10.03. Make sure you have the following packages installed: gcc, binutils, patch, bzip2, flex, bison, make, gettext, pkg-config, unzip, libz-dev, libc headers and subversion.  +
- +
-==Checkout OpenWrt backfire:==+
<code> <code>
-svn co svn://svn.openwrt.org/openwrt/branches/backfire +opkg update 
-cd backfire/ +opkg install kmod-batman-adv
</code> </code>
-==Update and install required packages== +=== Configuration === 
-Install luci (optional) and batman-adv+ 
-<code> +== Current version (OpenWRT 12.09.1, batman-adv 2013.4.0 (compatibility version 14)) == 
-./scripts/feeds update + 
-./scripts/feeds install -a -p luci +/etc/config/wireless:
-./scripts/feeds install kmod-batman-adv-kernelland +
-===Compile the images=== 
-To configure the compilation options type: 
<code> <code>
-make menuconfig+config wifi-iface 
 +        option device  radio0 
 +        option ifname  mesh0 
 +        option network  mesh 
 +        option mode    adhoc 
 +        option ssid    mesh 
 +        option bssid    '02:CA:FE:CA:CA:40' 
 +        option mcast_rate 18000 
 +        option encryption none
</code> </code>
-Select "Target System" and press enter to select your applicable platform (more information can be found on the OpenWrt Table of Hardware). Then go to: Image Configuration -> Kernel Modules -> Network Support. Select kmod-batman-adv-kernelland to be installed as part of the image by selecting it and pressing the spacebar until there is a asterisk ('*') next to it. Also make sure that batctl is selected with an asterisk. Press Escape until you are asked to save your configuration and select 'Yes'. 
-Compile your new images by typing:+/etc/config/network: 
<code> <code>
-make +config interface 'mesh' 
-</code> +       option mtu      1532 
-Alternatively if an error occurs, type the following to get debugging output: +       option proto    batadv 
-<code> +       option mesh    bat0 
-make V=99+ 
 +config interface 'bat' 
 +        option ifname 'bat0' 
 +        option proto 'static' 
 +        option mtu '1500' 
 +        option ipaddr '' 
 +        option netmask ''
</code> </code>
-===Install and configure OpenWrt on your device=== +== Older versions == 
-Refer to the applicable documentation for your device in the Table of Hardware. Once installed set a default password and login via ssh:+
<code> <code>
-telnet set network.bat0=interface 
 +uci set network.bat0.ifname=bat0 
 +uci set network.bat0.proto=static 
 +uci set network.bat0.mtu=1500 
 +uci set wireless.radio0.disabled=0 
 +uci set network.bat0.ipaddr= # change ip address so that each node has different one 
 +uci set network.bat0.netmask= 
 +uci commit 
 +/etc/init.d/network restart 
</code> </code>
 +==== Aditional Resources ====
 +  * [[http://www.open-mesh.org/projects/batman-adv/wiki/Quick-start-guide|BATMAN Quick Start Guide]]
 +  * [[http://www.open-mesh.org/projects/batman-adv/wiki/Building-with-openwrt|Building B.A.T.M.A.N. Advanced with OpenWrt]]

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