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IRC Meeting

Next Meeting Agenda (unscheduled)

Please add here:

  1. Merging some of trac wiki and nuwiki
    1. Does this make sense? Pro: reduce redundancies, no certificate for nuwiki necessary…
  2. Structure
    1. Top-level-Namespaces (example: toh and sub-namespaces (aka categories) (example: howto): usage
    2. How to fill categorie portal pages: howto
    3. Tagging: usage
    4. Todo: Documenting the outcome for moderators in the meta namespace
  3. Wiki-awareness aka "marketing": announcements, timing…
  4. Design
    1. Headlines don't render well if they are multi-lined.
    2. Are headlines a bit too large?
    3. Tables could look smoother (coloring black and white)
  5. Timeline, milestones, nuwiki project time-management…
  6. Page move plugin did not function in the current setup, has this been fixed after contact to the developer (Phaidros)?

Previous Meetings + Summaries

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