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This wiki is read only and for archival purposes only. >>>>>>>>>> Please use the new OpenWrt wiki at <<<<<<<<<<
There will be a Nuwiki IRC meeting
on Thursday, July 02, at 20.00h (8pm)
Central European Time (CEST)
in #openwrt-devel on Freenode.
Please check out ircmeeting for topics to be discussed.
Please feel free to edit there as well.

(Yes yes, we know this is redundant…)

Nuwiki IRC Meeting Agenda

Please add here:

  1. Wiki structure
    1. Redundancy prevention tactics
    2. Categories and Tags
      1. Who can write up a usage guide on these?
      2. Should we make a template for /Sets of categories/ for both TOH & Documentation so that people know how to unify?
    3. Templates: Who creates what? ASSIGN ACTUAL PEOPLE HERE
    4. TOH (See TOH)
    5. "Maximum of 3 sublevels below namespace-rule"
  2. TOH (Table of Hardware)
    1. Structure
    2. Migration
    3. Database-Approach?
    4. Linking between TOH and Documentation portion of the Wiki
  3. Wiki documentation mailinglist, is it needed or should -devel be used?
  4. Risks of stifling useful input by maintaining too tight a control
  5. Simplification of meta-pages: Remove all unnecessary text?
  6. Milestones
    1. We should go by month, starting from July
    2. M1:
    3. M2:
  7. What else?
    1. Who will call the next meeting, date , agenda etc.?

Meeting summary

General comment: Please do not link into oldwiki (some ppl already did)

1. Structure

  • On the redundancy thing; It's less likely to happen if we keep the structure flat (no openrtwdocs/openwrtdocs/docs/openwrt/howtobridge).
  • TOH should be 'split by vendor' as basic catagories - with an integration of platform search option, make platform / feature listings realized by tags.
  • Differentiate between platform instructions and device instructions and link to the exceptions in the corresponding device articles.
  • Some devices might only require a small adjustment in the install procedure compared to the platform install instructions, and this needs to be both human readable for regular users and maintainable for us. Fx in redboot where you have different offsets and/or partition names, but the rest is always the same.

Draft of device page structure

  1. device hardware info + picture of external and internal (link to dmesg/boot on separate sub-page)
  2. install steps
  3. exceptions to the expected
  4. serial, jtag info etc

The wiki needs a category of 'install instructions'. The install steps part of the device page contains either only "please see the <platform> installation instructions" with a link, or "please follow the instructions from $link, but after running $foo, please do $bar"

Various categories needed for 'howto pages' →

  1. 'installation'
  2. 'packages', 'configuration'
  3. 'hardware mods'
  4. 'Development information' (details on tftp, failsafe, serial, jtag and other recovery methods) etc.


Device specific debrick instructions it can be on the device page. Platform specific stuff on the platform installation page that will cover the software side of jtag and any special notes if the jtag procedure deviates from what is to be expected for the platform. Instructions for building the actual cable should be on the hardware mod catebory.


Should be in the template: a box (button, text, whatever) pointing out:

  1. Which version this was written for.
  2. If this works for a later version please add that.
  3. If this doesnt work anymore, please put it back into inbox/inform mods/$action

All pages should be assumed to work for the latest stable release. If there is alternative information for other versions, it should be put below the stuff for the current version with explicit mentions of which version the instruction refers to. If somebody notices that a wiki page no longer applies to the current version and doesn't have time to fully fix it, he should add a short note to the header that mentions the version it was written for.

White Russian info should be left in the OldWiki.

At some point it would be good to have a list of devices recommended by the developers, basically a list of pointers to devices for which we believe openwrt support is solid

2. TOH

About the TOH in nuwiki, all the very specific information on flash and ram chip model numbers should be entered in the device page. The TOH should only list amount of RAM, Flash etc. People commonly placed those bits of data in the TOH, and they needlessly cluttered the old TOH.

Initial draft of new TOH will be started by Bartman007 and glp.

3, 4 & 5

We'll have to take a wait and see approach.

6. Milestones: Goals for month of July

  1. Get moderators and admins set up
  2. Define namespaces/categories even if they are just stubs
  3. Explain what images/targets are for which devices.
  4. Beat every developer into adding their hardware to the TOH (don't need to create device pages, just add to TOH)
  5. Get started with the installation docs for most targets.

Next meeting

In roughly two weeks, Peter Lambrechtsen will make the call.

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